Introducing the Loot Partner Program

The Loot Partnership Program is focused on helping developers and publishers in the gaming industry adopt Loot as a crypto-reward for their game communities.  Usage and adoption are an important element in value creation.  Because of this, the program has been streamlined to give access, control and ownership to developers, publishers and their communities.  The partner program was designed to accelerate Loot rewards for early adopters. Contact us to reserve your place in line.

Loot partners get more

Becoming a Loot partner comes with great perks, benefits and rewards for developers and publishers.  Early adopters and large publishers with large communities get Loot generation accelerated in their games, which means more for everyone.

API and SDKs on the way

The team is already working on an API and SDKs to make the Loot rewards system available in your game.  Contact us to reserve your place in line now.


Compatible With Any Game


Robust Anti Cheat


Privacy with Transparency

Catalyst Sports is a Loot™ Partner

Catalyst Sports & Media is the bridge between the traditional sports and esports industries.Catalyst was custom-built to be the preeminent advisory firm to companies, brands, teams and media platforms seeking to enter and thrive in the esports industry. We are a world class team of seasoned executives from the esports, traditional sports, entertainment, and media industries. We possess a deep understanding of the nuances of the rapidly growing esports space and deep relationships with every major professional organization in North America and Europe as well as top publishers, streaming platforms, players, and third-party competition organizers among others.

Our goal is to help our clients make their entry in an authentic and effective manner to build positive long-term relationships with the youthful, loyal, and passionate esports fan base..

Trendy Entertainment is a Loot™ Partner

Gaming should be about having fun and sharing that fun with those around you. At Trendy, we empower our employees to create games they are passionate about. We build tools for our players to influence these games. And we share our technology with other developers, so they can focus on making great games, not everything else. We want to make a contribution to the world of gaming—through our products, our employees, and our technology.