Loot™ is generated on the blockchain as a result of algorithmically tracked gamer skill.

Loot™ is a platform-independent, decentralized, limited-supply crypto-asset that is generated as a result of algorithmically tracked player performance in games. Gamer’s GPUs and CPUs are not leveraged for generation or mining. Instead, the mathematics that are a result of measuring the gamer’s relative skill, performance and engagement in a game serve as an alternate form of crypto generation. Patents Pending.

A measure of skill, a product of experience

The Loot™ crypto system measures relative player skill in games.  The mathematics of those measurements generate new Loot for players and developers.

The more you have, the more you’ll want

Loot™ works just like experience points, which means the more you have, the more you can do. Build your Loot supply to level up and unlock special perks, items and content.


Compatible With Any Game


Rewards that matter


Trade Loot With Others

Signal Zero: The company behind Loot

Signal Zero’s mission has always been the same, reward gamers for doing what they love; playing games. Signal Zero has been successfully rewarding gamers for engagement with its two web apps TokenWall and TapRivals since 2013. We’ve attracted millions of users with over 500k users active each month. Now, with the crypto reward Loot™, players can win virtually unlimited rewards without needing to pay entry fees into competitions or relying on advertisers to spend budget on engagement or referral campaigns.


Over 500k users active monthly


$7 Million+ paid to gamers


1000+ publisher clients

Leveling up with Loot™ means you unlock real rewards from real brands

The Loot™ community can tap into the Signal Zero rewards market that is being used by our existing community of millions. This means you don’t have to settle for meaningless achievements in games anymore, now you can translate your skill into cash and real world prizes.

Thinking of selling your Loot? Think twice. The more Loot you have, the higher your level. 

If your level is high enough you get access to cash, crypto-currencies, giftcards, credits and codes from some of the biggest and most popular brands in the world including Amazon, Bitcoin, Xbox, Steam and many more. 

As more 3rd party publishers adopt Loot™, you’ll be able to purchase, trade and sell virtual items across any game with Loot enabled. Patents pending.


Big brand gift credit


Popular crypto coins


Donate to the best causes



Problem: Freemium Backlash

Game publishers now risk legal and legislative action against aggressive freemium monetization models. Japan recently outlawed certain monetization schemes, while talk of legislation is growing in the USA, Australia and the EU.


Problem: Job Destruction

A much larger problem is the destruction of economic opportunities for many people as a result of innovation involving AI and Automation. Many economists are predicting that AI and automation will destroy jobs in the world economy at an accelerating rate as we progress into the 21st century.


Problem: Gaming Laws

Because most Esports competitions have entry fees and prizes, many jurisdictional restrictions apply. Typically skill gaming companies focus on games of skill instead of games of chance to ensure they don’t inadvertently become gambling operations. But this is often open to scrutiny because many games have some element of chance.


Solution: Loot for everyone

With Loot, publishers can share the rewards with players while not sacrificing any existing revenue generation. That means your players won’t feel nickel and dimed by freemium and paid content models. Moreover, players can even use the Loot they win from playing your games to pay for in-game items and content.


Solution: New Incomes

Signal Zero has already enabled members of its community to augment or even replace traditional incomes in its own games and apps. With Loot, proliferating throughout the game industry, gamers will be able to earn real incomes based on their skill, engagement and activity. This provides real alternative incomes during a time when jobs are being lost to AI and Automation.


Solution: Remove Entry Fees

With Loot, there is no need for the player to pay entry fees because the coins are generated as a result of their skill. Because the entry fee is removed, there is no risk to the players which potentially opens up many jurisdictions to contests that are built with the Loot Blockchain solution.


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